3D Modeling

Three-dimensional rendering and 3D modeling is accomplished by taking two-dimensional forms and giving them volume. Created with specialized software, the computer-generated images are used for a variety of multimedia advertising. Dynamic Digital Advertising helps launch its clients into marketing in the 21st century with unique print advertising, video and animation, internet design, and CD-ROMs involving the use of 3D modeling.

Closely intertwined with virtual reality and animation, the use of 3D modeling has become truly beneficial for companies that wish to create digital prototypes of products, buildings and environments. Computer-generated images can also be used to create visuals of equipment with details that are too small for the human eye to see, such as high-tech medical instruments that fit into human arteries. 3D models and virtual environments can be combined to show the winding staircase of the human DNA or the future size and shape of a massive football stadium.

Three-dimensional modeling not only offers significant advantages, but can also be extremely cost efficient. Product design and development is generally an expensive and time consuming process. Sketches, illustrations, specs, blueprints, and a series of models can sometimes take 6 months or longer and cost tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars. A properly scaled and developed computer-generated image can drastically shorten lead times, reduce costs and eliminate expensive mistakes. Computer-generated images are accurate enough to base production on and attractive enough to use for advertising and promotion.

Using computer-generated images for print advertising and Large Format Graphics can be a unique way of showing products. When images of large industrial equipment are needed for advertising, it can often be better to use a digital 3D model rather than photography. The equipment can be dirty, difficult to photograph, or at a location that is inconvenient to the photographer or the company hired to advertise the machinery. Creating a 3D model of the equipment and its environment can show it in use and in the best light in terms of performance and appearance.

The same 3D model that is created for a print advertisement can become a fully animated computer-generated image as well, moving into multimedia advertising potential. The 3D model as used in video can be an extremely good marketing tool. It can fully engage the viewer, holding the viewers' attention on a product that may be otherwise lost amongst a sea of commodities. A corporate logo or mascot in need of an updated look can also benefit greatly from adding dimension through computer-generated imaging.

Placing all of these elements together on CD-ROM technology is an excellent way of promoting services, product launches, and distributing catalogs. A mascot rendered in 3D can be a virtual guide for the CD-ROM, showing the viewer how to use the CD and explaining topics of interest along the way.

Dynamic Digital Advertising can make 3D modeling work for your company. Large Format Graphics, CD-ROMs, videos, and websites that promote, inform and sell can successfully help market your company in the 21st century. Whether you need to view the structure of human DNA or simply recreate a piece of machinery, Dynamic Digital Advertising has the technical proficiency in 3D design and technique to create professional works of commercial art for your company’s specific needs.

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3D Modeling

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