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The same 3D modeling techniques and technologies that are used for video, internet, and CD-Rom design are also applicable for print advertising. At Dynamic Digital Advertising, often the 3D model that is incorporated into multimedia originates from a printed design like a brochure. Dynamic Digital Advertising has created 3D modeling designs for many uses and has the technical proficiency to produce high quality computer-generated graphics for your company’s print advertising needs.

Designing a new corporate center or prototyping a new piece of machinery can be done to scale with 3D modeling. Corporate logos can stand out above competitors’ with 3D designs to give dimension and volume to a typically two-dimensional image. Large machinery that has been in use for a while may not photograph well or may not be accessible. Creating the desired image can often be more easily done with 3D modeling rather than attempting to adjust the object with photo-manipulation after it has been photographed.

Anything that is flat or two-dimensional can be given shape and volume with 3D modeling. Dynamic Digital Advertising can give your print advertising a unique look with 3D designs that can be integrated into your company’s future multimedia and advertising projects. Launch your company into the 21st century of marketing with top-notch 3D modeled print advertising designs from Dynamic Digital Advertising.

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3D Model of Dental Brace for Masel Orthodontics

3D Modeling for Tuff Temp of High-Temperature Industrial Belts

3D Model of the DDA Space Station
3D Modeling for Kuul Pads 3D Model of Balloon for T J Wiseman DDA Cruiser, 3D Modeled in 2003
3d DNA for Boekel Scientific Brochure

3D Model of Pulse Tech's Microprecision Components

3D Model of Suspension for S & G Enterprise
3D Modeling for Stein Seal Brochure

3D Model of Industrial Belt for Tuff Temp

3D Model Logo for Vistek Precision

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