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The use of 3D modeling and computer-generated images (CGI) is practical and useful in a variety of media forms. Once a digital 3D model has been created, it can be used in many different types of advertising from print and internet to CD-ROM and video animation. Dynamic Digital Advertising’s 3D artists can create high quality models for a variety of uses including video animation.

3D models can be animated to show what can happen if a piece of machinery breaks down, or how a product works. 3D modeling can also be used to present a proposed corporate building or center and DDA can place the 3D model of the building in a virtual environment and use virtual reality to give “tours” of the interior layout.

Dynamic Digital Advertising has a long history of staying a step ahead of the game by being fully immersed in the digital advertising world. With DDA’s experience and artistic ingenuity, 3D modeling for video can be a unique way to demonstrate a product or present a new concept. Using 3D models and virtual reality, Dynamic Digital Advertising can develop a video for your company that will help your company lead the way in marketing in the 21st century.

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3D Modeling Video

360-degree Spinning 3D Model of Presice Machine

3D Military Training Video

3D Military Training Video

3D Modeling Video

3D Model of Space Station Animated for Video

Virtual Environment of 3D Models for WAS, Inc.

3D Models of Nexus Properties' Buildings

3D Models Animated for Gimple Training Video

Major Drumstick - A 3D Model Virtual Mascot

360-degree Spinning 3D Model of Logo

3D Modeling Video for Chains and Charms


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